increase your sex appeal

How you talk,smell,behaves,think,look will define your sex appeal isn't about sex only.It is a stage of looks and behavior when you look charming to everyone ,It is the inner glow the x factor.
A guy with good sense of humor and a fit body is noticed by everyone and are number one priorities for women if you have a great body you are half done if you don't start working out ,develop your muscle to look healthy and fit.
Smelling fresh and clean every-time leaves a good impression.wash clothes after every wear ,shower every day
Your glow is a gift to everyone .Be polite open door ,smile let her in first would make you look glossy .
your choice for clothes for different occasions also have a good impact on your overall personality
love yourself and people around you

A classy life - a happy life

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
A Classy life is a happy life,It's not the length of life but the depth of life that counts.
Here are few secrets to live a happy life.

 Educate yourself until you live we are most happy when we are learning ,invest yourself and your energy in learning ,you are the result of what you have know More knowledge you acquire more control you will have on your life  
Take control of your health and body
your body is the first thing you need to nourish.Nourish it and exercise

Spend as much time you can on people you truly like
Engage in something you truly believe
Master and gain excellence in things you enjoy doing the most
Be Self Sufficient Freedom is the greatest gift you haveYou spend most of your time in your house so build a comfortable,loving home
Be honest honesty brings peace
Seek as many new experience you can.
Over deliver your promise and commitment .

Be a man of your word that brings Class

Focus harder
on smaller things .
Make new friends worst in process is rejection but a friend for lifetime is worth all the potential of rejection.
Write a blog or ebook.Explore new things
Change your wardrobe ,mediate and exercise regularly.
Stop chasing perfection try to be better striving for perfection will eventually ruin your life
Play games participating in sports can reduce your stress and frustration
Read a book per week
Define your goals and divert your energy towards them

Learn to forgive and try to love someone unconditionally
Laugh and bring smiles to other
Help someone in difficult time
Honor your communication skills

How to choose a luxury car

 A luxury car defines your style and elegance.  Luxury cars are to deliver comfort, sophistication and comfort.  Plenty of luxary cars are available in market by different brandsPrice may vary from brand to brands  top luxary car brands are Mercedes benz, accord ,Ferrari, bmw, Audi. , Toyota, ford.  Choose cars on basis of features you want Mercedes Benz, and Bentley will provide you maximum comfort if that 
is what you desire

Leather jackets

Choose jackets according to size
shorter men would try to avoid jackets due to visual breaks
Color Brown ,Black,Charcoal are classy

The length you choose depends on your body type, your height, your style, and of course, your taste.


How to get a strong body

How to gain muscles fast
Nutrition is by far the most effective method eat a lot and you will build a lot
Lift heavy weight
Build mind muscle connection
Drink shakes
Run and participate in sports
gain fat and workout more
Lift to fatigue
lift fast
Change your routine every 3 week
Intensity and consistency is key
Get enough rest   

Table manners

There is no excuse for good table manners, and knowing how to behave at a dinner table is going to make your job of being a guest or gracious and enjoyable .

As soon as you are seated, unfold your napkin and place it on your lap.  The napkin remains on your lap (except for use) until the end of the meal.Sitting stiff is a must do not.leaning backwards
on chair shows that you are not interested in meal.while waiting for meal to serve do not disturb the utensils keep your hands backward or on the lap 

Meals are passed from left to right
If a bug falls in your food just quietly return it without pointing . pointing can ruin the mood of party

Start eating after everyone is served 
Don't Drink with full mouth
“begin at the outside and work it towards your plate"

Hold glass from the bottom
Arrange food in such a way that bread are left while drinks are towards right

Most important "Enjoy the food"

This silverware placement is a signal to the waiter not to remove your plate!


Some inspiring pics

Elegance through manners and expression

We can achieve elegance in our dressing and in our character but we may not radiate that elegance .It may come natural to others but can be learned consciously or unconsciously.
Expression Expressions define our self, our thinking.We should try to give beautiful expression.Think that you are setting an example even if no one is watching
Look Great looking great can boost your confidence and will make you feel great

Have good table manners  Don't talk with your mouth full
use napkin.

Poise your body and your thinking must be in rhythm,your body should exhibit what you are thinking. 
Posture you should know how to sit ,how to walk
Be confident and genuine 

Accessories you need to look classy

Men's Sense of fashion
Being rich is huge plus but if you cant afford those nonsense priced designers focus on buying strategic brand name accessories.


A Suit
A two piece business suit is considered great.ColorGray, black, charcoal and navy blue are classy
Shop around before purchasing. Decide what you like and try on different brands and style variations before purchasing

A formal shirt
Go for solid shirt rather then pattern solid shirts are easy to match with tie

A spread collar radiates confidence than a small collar
choose a good color and perfect size according to your body

A Classy watch is a must 
For a  formal look, choose a watch that matches your Style.A stainless watch is a easy choice

              Try to pick shoes that are darker or similar to your pants


Classy jerk

Being a classy jerk is just being a little different .Some requirements is being Polite and witty at the same time,expensive
clothes but not funky.
Being Artistic,selective helps.
There must be something mildly appealing in you
and she must notice in first look.
You need to be humble,Confident who is playing hard to get.Women don't know why are being attracted to men who rarely smile yet can make them smile at will.
Being rude is a negative
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